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John Wescott Guitar Repair

Guitar Repair for the Masses

For more than 35 years now, John Wescott Guitar Repair has been serving the Los Angeles and greater Southern California guitarist community. This includes a great many renowed professional guitarists and bassists, who either reside in the area or take the opportunity to get guitar work done by John Wescott when visiting Los Angeles during short stays for recording or performing.

With his decades of experience, John Wescott is a top-of-the-line expert in guitar design, construction, repair, restoration, finishing, electronics and maintenance. While John repairs all guitars and basses, he specializes in vintage instruments.

John Wescott Guitar Repair Los Angeles

He initially learned his trade from two of the great pros in the field: master guitar builder and repairman Jim Kaufman (now CEO of Sunrise Acoustic Guitar Pickups), and cult guitar hero and guitar electronics wizard Jim Demeter (now CEO of Demeter Amplification).

All guitar repair work is done entirely by John Wescott, who works out of a fully equipped guitar repair shop he constructed on his home property decades ago.

In this way John can provide the most personalized service and detailed work. And it allows him to keep overhead costs low, so that customers get expert guitar repair but at affordable prices. Serious guitarists who need serious work done but cannot afford the prices of the repair profit centers in the big music stores, now have a high-quality alternative with John Wescott Guitar Repair.

John refers to his business philosophy as Better Service Through Better Communication. In other words, there's not necessarily just one answer to a situation. Before recommending a repair solution, John always first discusses a musician's needs, playing style, budget—the total situation or context. This way, the customer can make a fully informed decision about the care of his or her instrument before undertaking the cost of repair work.

With this approach to guitar repair, John Wescott Guitar Repair has been a success. Guitarists and bassists from all walks of the L.A. music scene continue to come to John. They know they'll be treated with respect and thoughtfulness. (Read some of the testimonials here.) Especially, they know their instruments are in good hands.

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