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Our Business Philosophy

Here at John Wescott Guitar Repair we have one simple philosophy that helps us to better meet the needs of our clients. That philosophy is Better Service Through Better Communication. Now let me see if I can explain just what I mean by that.

Once upon a time Rikki Rocker took his Les Paul to Robbiís Rip-off Guitar Hut, and announced that he wanted new tuning machines. Well, of course Robbi happily complied, over charging, taking 3 weeks to complete the job, and then finally sending the guitar home to an unhappy Rikki.

Buzz Clic & his Flying V

Meanwhile, across town, Benny (The Nose) Picker takes his Telecaster to John Wescott Guitar Repair and asks for new tuning machines, just as Rikki did. But instead of just grabbing the guitar and the money, John asks Benny WHY he wants new tuners. Benny replies that his guitar won't stay in tune. So John closely examines the guitar and finds out that the problem is not with the tuners, but with the nut slots being too narrow for Benny's extra heavy strings. While Benny waits, John widens his nut slots, and also gives him a few tips on how to better put strings on his guitar. Twenty minutes and $10 later, Benny is happily on his way, his guitar fixed, and his faith in humanity restored.

Better Service Through Better Communication:. The musician's needs, expectations, budget, playing style and tastes are always discussed before any course of action are plotted. The instrument's history, originality, collectability and value are always taken into consideration as well. Only after all these things have been considered can a truly informed decision be made regarding an instrumentís care. Thatís the way we have done things for more than 30 years, and I donít see anything changing any time soon.

—John Wescott
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